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How to Quickly Create Activity in Mappyfield Dynamics 365



To make the process of creating tasks and appointments easy, you can directly create activities from Dynamics 365 map. Using Quick Create Activity, all you have to insert the form details. You can create an activity that is configured in the Entity to map from the Settings. Here is how yo…

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How to Create Draft Territory in Mappyfield Dynamics 365

As a Sales VP, you might want to try new territories, but you are not sure about creating one. That is when the draft territory feature of the Dynamics 365 map plugin comes in. 

In Dynamics 365 MappyField, we have provided a Draft Territory feature with which you can create draft territ…

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Is Low Code the Future of Mobile App Development?


If you seek interest in digital space, phrases like low code and no code development are popular these days.

We live in times when every company has digitized itself to mark its presence. At some point, you will require an app that supports your business’s internal and external functions.

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How Route Optimization Helps Streamline Costs for Your Sales Team


What if you could save time and money as well as win more sales in one go?

Yes, you read it right!

Tools like MappyField are the perfect example of saving money, saving time, and growing a business.

This tool fetches all the Dynamics 365 CRM data and displays it on a map which is perfect for vi…

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Scheduling Appointment Made Easier With Calendar 365 Meeting Link

Scheduling a 30 min call with various teams at different times takes an hour to schedule. There is a lot of back and forth on emails and messages, with all the invitees agreeing at one time.

It would become easier if everyone were on the same page from the beginning. For that, organizations u…

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