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7 Reasons to buy Magento 2 Admin Mobile App

Being a store manager and managing your inventory can be one of the most difficult tasks. To know details about which product is where, what is in the stock and what needs restocking, at the month end to sit and do all calculations, etc. are some of the most challenging questions to answer.

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7 Ways to Upscale your Sales Team

For any business to grow and be successful there are multiple things that go into it. From market research, designing, creating/developing, testing, marketing, sales, follow up marketing or sales and many more.

All these things happen with only one aim in mind i.e. good customer service. And the …

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Employee Surveys: Benefits, Types, Tips, and More

Employees form a crucial part of an organization. As long as you don’t know what your employees think about your organization, policies, and regulations, you can’t gauge the level of satisfaction among them or even understand what motivates them.

You can say - a well-crafted employee engageme…

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