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How to Geocode Contacts and Accounts in MappyField


When you have new client details, there are chances that you don’t have geocode data of those clients. In that case, MappyField provides a functionality called Assign Bulk Geocode process. Based on customer address, city, state, zip code, and country, Dynamics 365 map will provide geocode data…

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How Delivery Date Manager Simplifies Order Management for Business


Delivery date plays an important role in an ecommerce business. Due to this reason, businesses have started integrating Delivery Date plugins to allow customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time.

These features bring a huge difference in the quality of customer service you offe…

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Calendar 365 Vs. Microsoft Bookings: Which one is Best for Dynamics 365 Users?

Choosing the right appointment scheduling software is not an easy task! There are multiple things to consider, like compatibility, integrations, features, and more.

Microsoft Bookings is one of the popular appointment scheduling platforms, and a lot of users look forward to using it.

But i…

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How to Approve/Reject Pending Check-in/Check-out in MappyField 365


Earlier, field agents could check in and check out for the appointment using Dynamics 365 map plugin. But now we are adding one additional feature named pending check-in and check-out. With this feature, you will get the list of pending check-ins/check-outs and your user has to add a reason for…

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How to Define Geographies for Existing Territories from CRM


Dynamics 365 map gives you an easy way to define geographies from your CRM. The Geography feature lets you pick and choose an area that you can define as a territory from the Advanced Setting.

Geographies for Existing Territories from CRM-1

Step 1: After navigating to the Advance Settings, you will see the Sales Territory o…

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