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A Guide on How to Manage a New Sales Territory

A Guide on How to Manage a New Sales Territory

One of the most common challenges that most sales managers and reps face is managing sales territories. Especially when a territory is new or unknown to you, it can be an even bigger challenge. When you create a new territory, you don’t have any leads, and even if you have, they are few and unqu…

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Ecommerce Localization: Your Key to Grow Your Business Globally

Online business will be the future of the retail industry. Don’t believe me? Well, here is a stat that may change your opinion. According to Nasdaq’s findings, 95% of purchases will be online or via e-commerce by 2040.

Also, the world is turning into a global village. Thanks to the ra…

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Why You Should Choose a Dynamics Mapping Tool?

Are your sales reps continuously complaining about the chaotic way of managing tasks? Do they often confuse and end up reaching the wrong door with the wrong product? Or is reaching on time trouble for them? 

That indicates that you need a solution that can streamline your sales team…

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Industries that can Benefit from Magento 2 Mobile App

Till a few years back, online businesses relied heavily on eCommerce websites. However, the advent of technology, the growing competition, and the use of mobile devices have made mobile apps – a must-have for businesses. 

While there are numerous eCommerce platforms, Magento is one…

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7 ECommerce Delivery Ideas to Boost Sales

Jack, an online clothing store owner, received 2X more orders than what he received regularly. All thanks to a single change that he brought in his store.

That one change was a solution for all his pain points – long delivery periods, late deliveries, cart abandonment, poor customer e…

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