Is Low Code the Future of Mobile App Development?


If you seek interest in digital space, phrases like low code and no code development are popular these days.

We live in times when every company has digitized itself to mark its presence. At some point, you will require an app that supports your business’s internal and external functions.

The constant demand for digitization has given birth to a lot of innovations. There is a continuous demand to bring an easier solution to the market, using which more businesses can solve their problems.

Innovation of low code development platforms simplified the development process for businesses. You can execute your plan quickly if you have a platform that reduces coding requirements. The development time reduces, and so does the complexity.

The introduction of low code development platforms for mobile application development is a game changer, majorly for eCommerce businesses.

There are certain challenges that these low-code app builders promise to overcome.

Not Enough Resources

The in-house IT teams are usually occupied with daily IT operations that they are unable to focus on the enterprise level or customer-centric app development. You might not have enough resources to handle the routine operations and development.

Low Budget

Hiring a development company or adding a whole new development department to your IT team might cost you a lot. If you are a startup or a small business, it might be quite heavy on your pockets.

Instant Execution

Instant deployment of your idea is not possible if you follow a custom development process. Traditional methods take time as you need to develop from scratch.

The Future of Low-Code App Builders

In order to expand the business, mobile app development is the need of an hour. If you have the right methodology, you can extract most of the available data and resources and deliver the results in the market as soon as possible.

A low-code application development platform is the perfect solution if you don’t want to spend a huge chunk of money on developing native apps. You might have doubts about how worthy this platform might be. Here are some compelling reasons to prove that low-code development app builder is the future of mobile application development.

1. Highly Flexible

If you develop mobile apps using a custom development process, from planning to testing, there are a lot of small and big processes included. A lot of professionals are involved in all these processes. It becomes necessary for them to coordinate with each other. If it gets messed up somewhere, the whole flow will be disturbed. As a result, the development time will increase even more.

With our Magemob App Builder, the development cycle becomes much shorter as there is very less part of the app that needs development. For most of the features, you can just drag and drop. As lesser development is involved, you have more control over the development process. You would receive desired results in a shorter period with our Magemob App Builder.

2. Feature Full

Today’s digital era users are severely spoiled by the options available to them. Additionally, it skyrockets their expectations. Everyone wants to utilize a system that is simple to understand.

Low-code development platforms make it simple for the user to handle the workflow and alter the apps. It also makes use of capabilities that can outperform those of any traditional platform.

3. Low Failure Rates

Large projects have a high failure rate. They have difficulties as a result of high costs, rigid deadlines, and unclear expectations. Businesses can fix it by implementing low-code application development. You would not need the project without the need to hire pricey IT specialists.

It significantly lowers the failure rate, which means you won’t exceed the cost or time. Additionally, when the company creates the app on its own, the chance of failure also reduces.

4. Fast Development

You can develop any software or workflow in only a few days instead of months! Not only are you releasing the produced app to the market more quickly in this case, but you are also addressing customer input and making modifications as necessary. You will start getting returns on your investment faster.

5. Cost Reduction

Organizations annually spend a huge amount of money on system maintenance. Due to this, there is either very little or no money left over to fund current and future initiatives.

Low-code application development is the savior. It takes less time and money to construct an application because of the high speed and short development period. It enables the company to consider making financial investments in other technologies.

6. Less Bugs

Low-code, with its reduced quantity of coding and maintenance, means having fewer problems when compared with conventional code and development, bug issues, and testing. Because there are fewer bugs, both the development process and the time are greatly accelerated.

7. Connectivity

The world has seen significant change as a result of social media, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data.

It is a must to have connections across devices, data, processes, and people to accomplish this. App Builder offers the ideal framework for app integration and ensuring seamless interoperability. It is compatible with cloud-based data storage programs as well.

8. Deployment

In the past, organizations used specialized code to make every aspect of the project go smoothly. Additionally, maintaining consistency within the code is difficult.

With the arrival of the low-code development platform, this issue is resolved. It enables companies to simultaneously develop and deliver applications for a variety of platforms. In order to increase accessibility and control, low-code mobile app development is highly preferred.

9. Prototyping

The days of developers writing lengthy code are long gone. Once created, these code blocks would then undergo an A/B test to demonstrate their effectiveness. The user can now see exactly what to include and exclude in the application. Rapid prototype testing saves time, lowers costs, and opens up more research opportunities.

Closing Thought

If you wish to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS, our Magento 2 mobile app builder is the best choice. It is a low-code development platform that will help you build mobile apps in less than a month. Our developers customize the app as per your business needs. To know more about our Magento 2 native app builder, book your demo right away!

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