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Invite Convenience at Your Shopify Store With Local Delivery


88% of customers are willing to pay for same-day delivery.


But how will you make same-day delivery possible?


By opting for local delivery!


You might be wondering – What is the difference between shipping and local delivery? The difference is broad enough to solve…

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Why Small Businesses Should Invest in Mobile App Builder

Lack of time, funds, good employees, web presence! Every small business owner would relate to these challenges. It can be overwhelming for the owner to overcome the challenges. But the key to balance all this is to take this one step at a time.

If you are struggling to increase the sales with…

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How to Enable/Disable User Wise Configuration Setting in Calendar 365

User configuration settings lets you configure the Calendar settings for each individual users. Individual users can manage the settings as per their requirements. Here is how you can enable the User Wise Configuration in the Dynamics 365 Calendar.

Create User Configuration :

Step 1: Go to…

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How to Add Routes in Google Map Through MappyField 365

Route Optimization helps you in identifying the best and the cost-effective routes. Taking optimized routes help drivers to avoid unnecessary delays and risks which will result in better efficiency. Also optimized routes save your time and your fuel cost. Here is how you can plot routes in the D…

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How to View Activities in the Calendar View in MappyField 365

View matters when it comes to visualize a lot of data on the map. MappyField also comes with the calendar view along with the map view to evaluate the data with ease.

Calendar view is specially helpful to keep a track of upcoming events and activities. It can help in visualizing your schedule and…

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