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How to Set a Default Template in MappyField

Reworking on any project or proposal wastes your valuable time and money. So, default templates can be customized for various purposes and audiences which can save your time.

Templates have a unified appearance, which makes it easier for your team to locate important information quickly. With…

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How to Add Tasks and Appointments in MappyField

Creating or managing the tasks or appointments for the sales executives can be always challenging. Being a sales executive or manager, knowing when and where your team members are going to connect the customers is crucial. Especially it becomes crucial when it comes to achieving your sales targe…

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How to See Check In/Check Out History of Activity

Managing the tasks and appointments for the sales manager can be always challenging. Being a sales manager, you should know when and where your team members are meeting your customers. This information becomes crucial when it comes to the sales target.

So, let’s see how your sales rep can see che…

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How to Get Entity Records in Dynamics 365 CRM Custom Calendar?



Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM user with administrator rights can manage the CRM activities from the default calendar of Dynamics 365 CRM. It provides the default calendar to check the CRM activities, however, by navigating to the CRM activities individually.

You can also check the calendar…

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How the Bing Maps Streetside Imagery Will Help the Salesperson to Reach Out to the Business Location

Sales mapping plugins/apps is a fairly new addition to the sales team of any organization, but integrating sales data based on geolocation is the best way to improve the sales work and operation. If you are a salesperson and most of the time you spend your time in the field for the product demos…

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How to Configure the Entity Calendar in Dynamics 365 CRM Custom Calendar Plugin?


When you are managing the CRM users (teams) and the CRM activities from the MS Dynamics 365 CRM, you need to track the CRM activities and entity records as per scheduling dates. If you have Dynamics 365 administrator rights, you can check the activities from the default Dynamics calendar and man…

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