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Your Guide to Taking Your Business Global

Been a few years into your business with everything going good in your domestic market?

The next step you must be thinking of could be something like expanding your scope of products/services. Or it could be acquiring some small competitors in your industry and enhancing your brand ou…

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E-Commerce Delivery Solutions to Strengthen Delivery Strategy

Have you ever decided to not buy anything from a brand due to a poor delivery experience? Or have you ever opted out of an online purchase due to high delivery charges? If you never have, it’s exceptional. And if you have, you aren’t alone.

Long delivery periods, late deliveries, …

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How a Multi-Language Website Can Boost Your E-Commerce Business

Michael Aldrich is the pioneer of present-day e-commerce which he invented in 1979. He designed and manufactured a number of online shopping systems that employed Videotex technology during the ’80s. The year 1989 came and the world became witness to another path-breaking invention – Wor…

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How to Stay on Top of Tasks and Activities in Dynamics 365

An interactive interface, scalability, and ease of customization make Dynamics 365 a popular CRM. However, managing your activities, tasks, or appointments in a separate calendar can be cumbersome.

Going back and forth between CRM and a separate calendar may consume both your time and effort. It …

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Streamline your Activities with A Dynamics 365 Calendar Tool

Days are running fast, and so is life! In this fast going life, people sometimes forget about their meetings and other important work. Here comes the role of the Dynamics 365 calendar


The calendar helps manage activities, making it easy to manage tasks, appointments, calls, etc. Dynamics…

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How a Store Locator Can Help a Multi-Store Online Business

Walking into a physical store and browsing an online retail site for shopping products online are different experiences. Again, both in-store shopping and online shopping have their own pros and cons.

However, the future of businesses today is a hybrid model of both online shopping and in…

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Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Software: Simplify Territory Management

For any organization with on-field sales services, sales territory management is a crucial aspect. In this post, we are going to explain the full concept of sales territory management.

Sales territory management is the process of defining and assigning territories to sales reps. Well-managed sale…

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A Guide to Email Survey Templates: Basics, Benefits, and Types

The number of emails sent and received across the globe is forecast to reach 361.6 bn by 2024.

It indicates that emails are an important means of communication. When it comes to businesses, they are even more valuable.

Among all types of emails for commercial or business purposes, survey e…

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