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5 Ways to Improve Customer Service with CommerceXpand

Performance in every field is subject to principles. Say you want to improve your swimming skills. The trick is to practice swimming daily. It will help you but until a certain plateau. To master it, you need to get a teacher who will explain the core principles of swimming, like decreasing drag…

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Customizations for a New Customer

You might want to make the most of your Magento 2 store – experts agree that in a post-pandemic world, mobile shopping will take the center stage.

Mobile shopping refers to a more convenient way of shopping, which is developing a customized Magento 2 mobile app rather than reworking on the …

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Boost Your On-Field Team’s Performance With a Mapping App

Real-time availability and tracking has simplified the sales team’s daily activities. It helps them manage all their activities while working on-field. The use of mobile phones for businesses has further made lives simple and efficient. Thus, there’s a huge rise in the number of Sales CRM. Busin…

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6 Ecommerce Shipping Best Practices to Implement in 2022

It takes 20 years to build your brand but only 5 minutes to lose it.

-Warren Buffet

While launching a new business, the first thing you should do is build an online store and promote your brand. You should create awareness to reach customers. After all, there’s no business without customer…

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5 Must Have Plugins for Dynamics 365 to Boost CRM Productivity

MS Dynamics 365 is a suite of tools built with the purpose to handle almost every work process. With a wide range of users, it gets difficult to have features useful for all. To overcome these situations, we use plugins. There are various kinds of Dynamics plugins available in the market. You can bu…

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5 Reasons to Use Dynamics 365 Calendar for Your Business

Time is money. Managing time is the key to a successful business. And for effective time management, we plan tasks, activities, meetings, and whatnot. So that, at the end of the day, we achieve the most out of it. The point is we plan our day to save time and increase productivity. But what if the “…

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How to Set Heatmap Default Template Settings in MappyField

The benefits of the heatmap are fruitful. Assume you wanted to know what are your key performing areas, then a heat map can visually represent that information. This will make it easier for you to understand and then take strategic decisions based on it.

In a nutshell, the heat map is an anal…

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How to Embed HTML Web Resource in CRM’s Entity Form

Microsoft Dynamics 365 web resource is the HTML web resource. This permits the inclusion of things as complex as a custom web page or as simple as basic text into the form by utilizing a web resource control.

In this blog we will demonstrate how to embed a basic HTML page into a Dynamics 365 …

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How to Create Fetch XML Query From Dynamics 365

In Dynamics 365, you can use the fetch XML query in the web API to retrieve specific data. With the help of advanced find feature, you can carry out querying easily.

You need to follow below steps to create the fetch XML Query.

Step 1: Open Advanced Find

Firstly you have to login to you…

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