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Calendar 365: Help Customer Service Agents Visualize Better


Hey there! Ever stopped to think about how many minutes or even hours your support team might be wasting without a proper calendar setup? Imagine if you could instantly see who's available, who's swamped, and where everyone's at without asking around.

Well, there's some good news. Calendar 36…

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Optimize Your Sales Season with AppJetty’s Delivery Date Plus App

Be it the holiday season, Black Friday sales, or any other peak time, businesses grapple with high demand and logistical challenges. Here’s the silver lining: AppJetty’s Delivery Date Plus app is designed to be your trustworthy sidekick during these busy periods. This article dives deep into the…

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How to Sync Outlook Calendar With Dynamics 365 and Calendar 365

Dynamics 365 users often ask whether they can synchronize Outlook and Dynamics 365. The answer to that is yes! This blog will help you configure the settings step by step.

Once you have configured it, you will be able to see all the activities in Dynamics 365, which is created in Outlook, and…

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Top 5 Alternatives to Microsoft Bookings for Dynamics 365 CRM Users

If you’ve been riding the Microsoft Bookings wave, you know how essential a good scheduling tool can be. But what if we told you the ocean of booking solutions is vast and brimming with Microsoft Bookings alternatives that might perfectly fit your unique needs?

You will uncover tools with i…

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Geolocate Your Dynamics CRM Data for Better Insights with MappyField 365

Recently, we received an intriguing query from a prospective client. The customer was seeking a solution to geolocate their Dynamics CRM data on a map, aiming to improve their customer visit planning process. Their challenge resonates with many businesses trying to make sense of their data and c…

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