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Calendar 365: Help Customer Service Agents Visualize Better


Hey there! Ever stopped to think about how many minutes or even hours your support team might be wasting without a proper calendar setup? Imagine if you could instantly see who's available, who's swamped, and where everyone's at without asking around.

Well, there's some good news. Calendar 36…

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Optimize Your Sales Season with AppJetty’s Delivery Date Plus App

Be it the holiday season, Black Friday sales, or any other peak time, businesses grapple with high demand and logistical challenges. Here’s the silver lining: AppJetty’s Delivery Date Plus app is designed to be your trustworthy sidekick during these busy periods. This article dives deep into the…

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Top 5 Alternatives to Microsoft Bookings for Dynamics 365 CRM Users

If you’ve been riding the Microsoft Bookings wave, you know how essential a good scheduling tool can be. But what if we told you the ocean of booking solutions is vast and brimming with Microsoft Bookings alternatives that might perfectly fit your unique needs?

You will uncover tools with i…

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Supercharge Your Dynamics 365 CRM with Entity Calendar of Calendar 365

Managing entities in an organized manner is crucial for every business. And that is why businesses use calendars.

Our Calendar 365 was built with such an intention.

It is a comprehensive solution offering not one but three different calendars to streamline your business operations.


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Geospatial Visualization of Dynamics 365 Data with MappyField 365


CRM data plotted on a map can give you the ‘where’ along with the ‘who’ and the ‘what.’

A lot of businesses approach us searching for a solution on how they can add latitude and longitude coordinates to accounts.

Well, the answer to all their queries is MappyField 365.

In th…

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Introducing Live Chat in MappyField 365 to Enhance Communication with On-Field Agents


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature: Live Chat! It provides a seamless and efficient channel for managers in the office to connect with agents on the go. This feature will empower on field agents with real-time support and information.

We know the importance of commun…

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Benefits of Syncing Outlook and Dynamics 365 CE to Visualize Appointments


Yes, it is very much possible to sync Outlook with Dynamics CE. This synchronization helps customers visualize all the Outlook appointments along with Dynamics 365 CE activities on Calendar 365.

Collison-free scheduling and collaboration are essential for teams to maximize productivity.…

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How to Sync Appointment Data of Non-CRM Users to Dynamics CRM

Managing appointments without missing out on any or having a collision-free schedule is a task in itself. If you want to make the most out of your time or deliver the best experience to the customers approaching your business, a centralized system is a must.

In this case, it is Dynamics 365 C…

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AppJetty Announces Strategic Partnership with Decidem

[Ahmedabad, 21st June, 2023] - AppJetty and Decidem are pleased to announce that they have partnered to combine AppJetty’s powerful business & technology solution with Decidem’s specialization in executive services, audit, and strategic planning. This collaboration aims to leverage the expertise…

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On Time Delivery and its Importance for Your E-Commerce Store

Every manufacturing company in the world needs to place a high priority on satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers in terms of delivery.

The bright side is that these expectations are straightforward: produce accurate products and deliver them on time.

However, this is easie…

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Delivery Dates & Shipping Rates App: Best Way to Upgrade Shopify Store With Advanced Features


In the last couple of years, Shopify has made significant improvements to improve performance. But there are specifications that you might need to connect well with your customers.

That is when you take the help of Shopify apps.

The app we will discuss today is the Delivery Date and Shippi…

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Less Talked Features of MappyField & Why you Need Them

We are here to brief you about some interesting features of MappyField. We often talk about the major features of location mapping tools like route optimization, proximity search, data plotting, etc. But there is more to it. It is comprised of so many features that improve your team’s productivi…

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An Ultimate Language Translator for Magento Stores

Have you been the victim of Google Translate’s funny translation?

There are some words in every language which are not just words but a feeling that Google Translate fails to understand.

To keep the essence of the feelings intact, Language Translator is a must.

Today we have one such …

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How to Add Asset and Route in the Map

How do you manage routes for different assets (trucks)? Some might carry hazardous material or be extra large to fit on smaller roads!


We have provided Asset Management in Dynamics 365 MappyField so users can easily plot their route by trucks (assets).


You can see the asset…

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Calendar 365: Best Alternative to Calendly for Dynamics 365 Users


Calendly is one of the most loved appointment scheduling platforms with over 10 million users.

But is it the best choice for all kinds of users?

Probably not!

If you are an individual or a small business, you have to compulsory purchase a paid plan if you want to have access to their …

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How to Quickly Create Activity in Mappyfield Dynamics 365



To make the process of creating tasks and appointments easy, you can directly create activities from Dynamics 365 map. Using Quick Create Activity, all you have to insert the form details. You can create an activity that is configured in the Entity to map from the Settings. Here is how yo…

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Scheduling Appointment Made Easier With Calendar 365 Meeting Link

Scheduling a 30 min call with various teams at different times takes an hour to schedule. There is a lot of back and forth on emails and messages, with all the invitees agreeing at one time.

It would become easier if everyone were on the same page from the beginning. For that, organizations u…

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Exceed Your Sales Goals With Dynamics 365 Mapping Tool

Not being able to meet estimated goals is frustrating for all sales managers. When you give your best in strategizing and planning the whole thing, but in the end, you do not receive the required results.

However, with our mapping tool, you identify trends, visualize data, plan strategies, and id…

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Meeting Scheduling Made Easy: New Enhancements to Meeting Management


Research shows that people spend an average of 30 mins to schedule a meeting.

The other research shows there are average 8 meetings per week in all kinds of organizations.

If you add up both of the above facts, it is 4 hours a week. These many hours to just schedule a meeting!


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Conversation Between Two Sales VP Over a Cup of Coffee

Here is the conversation on a Friday evening between two best friends, Harry and Paul, over a cup of coffee. They both work as Sales VP in two different companies. They are meeting after a long time; the coffee has arrived, and Harry seems to enjoy every bit of it. On the other hand, Paul looks …

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