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6 Shopify Upsell Ideas to Invite Sales!


A good marketing tool can win the maximum engagements and sales. However, marketing your products is not as hard as it sounds but it is not a cake walk either. You need proper market research, audience understanding, helpful marketing apps, and some magic spells of marketing strategies! You mi…

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8 Pro Tips to Engage Customers on Your Shopify Store


When we talk about eCommerce platforms, Shopify is one of the most popular platforms that retailers trust the most. This is because it provides robust UX design, excellent services & support, ultimate & unlimited bandwidth, great marketing tools, uncompromised security, user-friendly navigation,…

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How to Save Calendar View in Entity Calendar

Our last blog explained how to configure desktop notifications in Dynamics 365 Calendar. This article will explain how to save the calendar views for later use.

With the saved calendar view feature, users can create custom views as per their requirements and save them for later purposes. They can…

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How to Use and Configure Desktop Notifications in Calendar 365

Desktop notifications are one of the quickest ways to be on track with the schedule and take an informed decision regarding the activity. If you want to enable the desktop notifications in Dynamics 365 Calendar, here are the steps you should follow:

1. Log into the backend.

Users can set deskt…

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