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How Calendar 365 Can be Useful for Customer Service

Do you know how much time your support representatives could save with a calendar integration?


So, if you know what, when and where your resources are working, you can certainly improve the quality of work by avoiding unnecessary tasks.

That is why you need a calendar that shows…

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Less Talked Features of MappyField & Why you Need Them

We are here to brief you about some interesting features of MappyField. We often talk about the major features of location mapping tools like route optimization, proximity search, data plotting, etc. But there is more to it. It is comprised of so many features that improve your team’s productivi…

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How to Enable Local Pickup in your Shopify Store


Shopify has opened doors for you to increase your sales if you also have an offline store!

With a store pickup delivery option, you can allow a customer to pickup the order from your store.

If the customer lives in the same city or region as your store, they might prefer store pickup in Sh…

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Theme Scita is Now Odoo v16 Compatible

Theme Scita is your one-stop solution for sophisticated themes on the Odoo Theme store. It is designed keeping in mind more than 35 industries like ecommerce, fashion, IT service, finance, healthcare, and more. So with the release of Odoo 16, we upgraded our Theme Scita and made it v16 compatibl…

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How to Create a Follow-Up Appointment in Resource Calendar in Dynamics 365

In this blog, you will learn how to create a follow-up appointment in the Dynamics 365 Calendar.

Suppose you want to create a follow-up appointment (especially when you want to see which follow-up appointment was created towards which account at some point later). In that case, you need to se…

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