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Delivery Attempt was Unsuccessful: Why it Happens and What Actions You Can Take


Did you know? 24% of e-commerce store owners admit that 1 out of 10 orders is not delivered on the first attempt. Even that first failed delivery attempt can cost retailers a lot of money.

Stats show that for domestic delivery, the first failed delivery attempt can cost retailers an average…

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Meeting Scheduling Made Easy: New Enhancements to Meeting Management


Research shows that people spend an average of 30 mins to schedule a meeting.

The other research shows there are average 8 meetings per week in all kinds of organizations.

If you add up both of the above facts, it is 4 hours a week. These many hours to just schedule a meeting!


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Mobile Apps: An Unavoidable Platform to Increase Sales


According to Statista, in 2021, m-commerce sales in the US exceeded 360 billion US dollars and are expected to grow by 710 billion US dollars by 2025. It means the numbers are going to double in 4 years.

This fact is something that ecommerce business owners should not neglect. It is a massiv…

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Conversation Between Two Sales VP Over a Cup of Coffee

Here is the conversation on a Friday evening between two best friends, Harry and Paul, over a cup of coffee. They both work as Sales VP in two different companies. They are meeting after a long time; the coffee has arrived, and Harry seems to enjoy every bit of it. On the other hand, Paul looks …

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Ultimate Calendar for Dynamics 365

Do you find it challenging to manage your and your team’s schedule?

Be it support executives, sales managers, or any employee of your organization, they often struggle while scheduling a meeting, managing teams, analyzing teams’ availability, distributing work, managing their own work, and …

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Ultimate Calendar for Dynamics 365

Points of the Conversation

  • Defining Users That Need a Calendar
  • Addressing Issues of Resource Productivity
  • Visualizing Organizational Activities
  • Want to Slot Entity Records in the Calendar?

We might have answers…


When is the webinar?

21st Sept 2022  8:30 PM…

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