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MappyField 365 for Marketing and Sales Team

Marketing and Sales teams work hand in hand to achieve targets. Tracking incoming leads, conversions, sales numbers, client conversations, etc., are some of the most important factors for any business, especially the heart and soul of the Marketing and Sales Team.

As technology has advanc…

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Calendar 365 for Project Management

How do you keep track of impending meetings, tasks, deadlines, or any kind of activities happening on different projects?

Having multiple calendars to manage different activities is chaotic. And that is why you need a calendar that has features for project management as well.

A project man…

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Ecommerce Shipping Best Practices for Shopify Stores


Do you know why some brands are always on top of the leaderboard? Why do customers choose them compared to competitors offering similar products?

One of the major reasons that can make or break an ecommerce business is shipping. There are a lot of factors like on-time deliveries, allowing cus…

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Challenges While Integrating Calendly with Dynamics 365: A Comprehensive Guide


Using a calendar to automate appointment scheduling tasks, activity, and resource management sounds like fun until you realize how and where you will store and fetch the data.

You will need Dynamics 365 CRM data on the calendar to manage projects and resources. If the calendar you use o…

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Simplify Territory Management with CRM Mapping Tool

12083059_wavy_bus02_single04.jpgFor businesses, sales territories outgrow boundaries all the time. And it’s a good thing. If it does not grow, then it is something to worry about. 

There are a lot of decisions that depend on territories, and hence territory management should be your utmost priority. That is when the Dynamics…

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