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How to Customize the Push Pins for Entity Records to Visualize on the Map

AppJetty MappyField 365 provides a map visualization of the Dynamics CRM records. You can manage the sales activities, define the routes, and perform different actions for the team.

You can plot the records on the map by selecting the required entities. When you plot the records on the map, the r…

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Five Must Have Plugins For Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

We cannot ignore the fact the world sculpts itself in a new shape every day with the injection of ecommerce. Entrepreneurship also has its own kind of technology driven motivation. Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship, and technical innovations, all go hand in hand. Moreover, they all play a major role in sc…

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How to Search Point of Interest Near any Location on MappyField 365

AppJetty MappyFIeld 365, a plugin for Dynamics365, lets you plot the CRM records on the map to help the sales team perform different tasks and activities. Along with the Route optimization, schedule the activities and search the routes. Find nearby locations on the MappyField 365 map using the defau…

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How to connect the Dynamics 365 Calendar App with the Microsoft Teams App

Your team can get more organized and more reliable by adding a calendar to Microsoft Teams. By connecting AppJetty Calendar 365, a Dynamics 365 app, with Microsoft Teams, your scheduling tasks will be easier.

By connecting with Microsoft Teams, the calendar records will sync on both sides and kee…

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How to Make the Most of Dynamics 365 Bing Maps Integration

Dynamics 365 by Microsoft is a popular CRM due to its engaging features like easy customization, intelligent insights, high productivity, and security. Bing Maps, the mapping service by Microsoft, is also in high demand. Well-detailed maps with multiple layers, modern and easy-to-use interface, free…

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Auspost Shipping App Shopify: Manage Shipping Rates Better

According to an analysis by Deloitte Access Economics, Australia Post’s delivery services contributed to an additional $2.4 bn during the COVID-19 crisis in comparison to last year. Australia Post continued to serve as a lifeline for around ⅔ businesses that reported revenue declines glo…

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Configure Tooltip, Popup & Title Attributes to Display in Calendar 365 Activities

Activity management is a big part of managing a team. The better managed this is, the more efficient your team will be. It helps everyone stay on top of their tasks based. There are several factors that come into play while managing a team’s activities.

To manage and schedule the activities…

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AppJetty Zipcode Validator for Shopify: To Enhance Deliveries

Out of a number of factors that enhance customers’ delivery experience, zip code validation is an important factor. You may have visited several e-commerce sites and checked for the product deliverability by entering your zip code. Amazon, eBay, and all other major e-retail sites offer z…

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Enable Conflict Management in Calendar 365

Task management is not easy. The task management for a company or a team is even more complicated. One has to make sure there are no conflicting schedules and all the work is done on time. There are plenty of tools that can help you with that, but let’s face it, adding one more tool to work with is …

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Product Delivery Gets Easier with Delivery Date Scheduler

Having your own business means being on your toes the whole day. From taking decisions, serving customers, to taking care of your employees. It all takes up a lot of time, effort, and energy.

One of the biggest issues that we have seen in ecommerce is delivery issues. Customers often …

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How Survey Reporting Can Accelerate Your Organization Growth

Data is the new oil. No matter how big or small your brand is, intensive market research to collect data is crucial. All the leading brands are already well into collecting data to drive their business actions and decisions.

Take Starbucks, for example, in 2008, Starbucks felt the need to go beyo…

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One Stop Solution for Sales Manager And Team

Many times it is difficult for your on field sales team to run from one place to another in search of prospective customers. They are continuously running here and there, wasting too much fuel, looking up locations and even getting lost, etc.

We understand these issues and to help your on field s…

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MappyField: Give Wings to your Medical Representatives

Medical representatives are the backbone of a pharmaceutical company just like our sales team is for us. Herein, I’ll walk you through the relation of pharmaceuticals, MRs, and doctors; their working pattern and how technology can make tasks of the medical representative easier. There are millions o…

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Different Languages to Add to your Magento Store

English is a common language for online businesses. However, adding a native language to the website would give you a competitive edge. It would help you target those 72.4 percent who are more likely to buy products or services in their native language. But you can’t do it manually. You would ne…

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Magento 2 Mobile App Trends to Dominate in 2021

The total number of smartphone users will be 3.8 billion by 2021. Similarly, the mobile app download count will reach 196 billion. These increasing numbers are connotative of the growing demand for smartphones and mobile apps in daily life. 

People, or say, customers, are making mobile a win…

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