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Magento Mobile App: 5 Industries Where You Can Use It

Online presence in today’s competitive market is indispensable for any business. Earlier, online businesses would rely only on e-commerce websites. However, with the advancement in technology and the ever-growing use of mobile devices, a mobile app is no longer a luxury. It is rather a…

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TapCRM: Making Field Force Management Hassle-Free

With modernized approaches to purchase and support, certain businesses never actually see their customers. If your business is hardware, technical products like home appliances, there is still one way to meet your customers. Your installation and on field support teams interact with your customers i…

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Australia Post or Parcel Send: Which one is right for you?

To help estore owners using Australia Post as their postal service manage parcel shipments and deliveries from within their stores, our AppJetty team has developed two efficient modules:

– Australia Post Shipping Extension

– Australia Post Parcel Send

Though both these extension…

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Post-Purchase Survey: Must-include Questions to Make it Engaging

Unlike brick-and-mortar store owners, online retailers don’t have the ‘luxury’ to meet customers in person and collect their feedback. Generally, they have customer support, emails, online chats, etc. to collect their customers’ feedback.


Even if they use several remarketing str…

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Data Visualization: The Key to Increased Sales

Analyzing CRM data properly is as important as collecting data to reach the right decisions. Just as the ways to collect data differ as sign up forms, surveys, calls, etc.; ways to analyze that data differ too. And data visualization is one of the most important ones among them. 

The hum…

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How to improve Supply Chain in Manufacturing Industry with Dynamics 365 Map Visualization

The only success mantra for any manufacturing company is prompt deliveries.

Whether it is for the stores, suppliers, warehouses, or distributors, they all directly deal with their customers. Hence, having a streamlined supply chain is very important for customer satisfaction and overall e…

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Keep Your Delivery Operations Streamlined amid COVID-19

Ever wondered that a small virus invisible to naked eyes could wreath havoc beyond bounds? Yupp, you guessed it right – the Novel Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19. At first sight, anyone would only say this – the virus has disrupted lives. And nobody can deny that! Though this pandemic has po…

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3 Step Guide to Analyze Open-ended Survey Responses

What’s the great thing about open-ended questions?

You get genuine opinions from people as they are not bound to select from the available answer choices.

However, the real challenge begins when you have hundreds of responses to review.

This type of analysis is called qualitative data ana…

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How to Monitor and Enhance Customer Experience amid COVID-19

Over 6 million Corona cases worldwide and still counting! Yes, this is the harsh reality of Corona. The economic slump has hit hardly a number of countries and businesses across the globe like never before.

With several stores still closed and production and supply chains impacted, monitoring cus…

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Let's Partner up through our Sugar and Suite Program

Who can join our partnership?

Whether you are a SugarCRM or SuiteCRM elite partner, reseller, advocate, a tech enthusiast, a solopreneur, a professional salesman, a marketer or literally any CRM user, our Sugar & Suite partnership program is open for all --- if you are looking add an extra income…

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