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Gearing up for Festival Season? Here’s an Exclusive Marketing Guide


One thing that’s common among all the eCommerce stores is preparing for the festival season. From giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy to small and mid-size retailers, everyone plans a marketing strategy to sell during the festival season.

Everyone does it every year because the old …

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A Time Management Tool for IT Professionals


Calendar prevents everyone from falling behind their schedule. In this article, we will explain how our Calendar 365 tool helps the IT team boost productivity while saving costs and resources. With our exciting feature of activity calendar, users can check and manage their current activities f…

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Smart Alerts for Safe, Simple, and Fast Return-to-Work

Our Dynamics CRM Alerts plugin helps create, view, and track different activities in CRM efficiently. It notifies users of important meetings, tasks in the form of alerts and popups at the right time and helps make proper decisions.

Here’s how we helped our client from the workers’ compensati…

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7 Best Shopify Apps for 2021-2022

The current marketing sphere provides multiple opportunities for merchants to extend the functionality of their online stores. Whether you want to manage deliveries, improve customer engagement, or increase your sales, there’s definitely an app for it.

But with so many options, it’s unclear whi…

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Why You Should Buy Magento 2 Inventory Management [Tips Included]


To optimize fulfillment and streamline cash flow! Also, to stay ahead of competitors and customer demands. After all, everyone wants to automate their store orders, shipping, and returns rather than enter logs in countless spreadsheets.

Having inventory management eliminates human error…

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Does the Pharmaceutical Industry Need Calendar 365?


Keeping track of pipelines in pharmaceutical companies is a small task, yet it’s important.

Calendar 365 provides a solution to pharmacists who want to manage drug conferences and the other meetings related to their research and development apart from the commercial business. It keeps them …

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