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Magento Multilingual Translation: Is Google Translator Enough?

The advent of Ecommerce has changed everything. Price comparisons, 24 hours convenience, one click shopping, rapid delivery right at your doorstep and what not! Having a good product and displaying it online definitely maximizes the shopping experience. But what about the information displayed on th…

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What Are Patient Portals and How Can They Transform Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare industry has witnessed a tremendous growth over the past decade. And the growth hasn’t been confined to the invention of state of the art equipment to treat patients. Patient engagement is also considered to be a crucial aspect of health care industry today. This is why Patient Portals ar…

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Apache Solr Search: Why Integrate It with Your Magento Store?

If you are an ecommerce store owner, getting the customers to your store is a challenge in itself. And when you do get them to come to your store, you have to make sure that they surf around and find what they are looking to buy as easily as possible. Advertising and sponsored clicks are not enough …

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How To Use Online Skin Designer for Personalizing Products

Many online retailers today have started providing option for customizing product ordered from their store. Skin personalization is a good way to make your customers stay loyal to your brand. Retailers of clothes, bags, cards, shoes and every other product are offering customization in order to prov…

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