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Upsell and Cross-sell: Proven Strategies to Boost Shopify Store Revenue

“On visiting Closet London”

Tom started looking for a zip sweater for his wife. Julie, a salesgirl, rushed in to help him. And here’s how the story unfolded.

Julie: Hello sir, how can I help you?

Tom: I am looking for a zip sweater for my wife. One like that (pointing to the tan color…

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Construction projects often cause delays due to their difficulty and complexity. They involve a lot of moving parts, resources, equipment, etc. To manage everything, businesses need a project management tool.

However, project management tools with features like Gannt view and resource managem…

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5 Tips to Plan Your Holiday Shipping 2021

Experts predict that the 2021 holiday season sale is going to be record-breaking. According to Deloitte, the holiday sales will total $1.3 trillion from Nov to Jan timeframe. Ecommerce sales will increase by 11 to 15 percent reaching between $210 and $218 billion. Amidst these huge sales volumes, or…

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Calendar 365 for Financial Services: A Case Study

Finance is one such industry where accuracy is paramount. Even a small mistake of 0.01 cents can cause huge losses to the businesses. Hence, being alert and up-to-date with every activity is essential.

Talking about Calendar 365, it helps finance industries manage their time in the best way p…

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How Dynamics 365 Map Help Nonprofit Industry

When most people think about nonprofits, they mostly think about a small, earnest office with a few people working with limited resources towards a shared goal that’s more about a cause than profits.

Though there’s some truth to it, most people – volunteers, members – are attracted to nonprofit…

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Calendar 365 – Sharpening the Performance Edges of Fenestration Industry


Design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality windows, doors, and shutters require a great deal of work. And if you have to serve multiple clients, the work increases multifold.

In such a scenario, managing operations, clients, and staff together become challenging. You can use Goog…

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6 Advantages of Choosing Shopify for Your Ecommerce Store

In this world, where everything is going online, your business must have an online presence for its growth. For business owners with zero technical knowledge, it is difficult to understand the complexity of website development. To eliminate this complexity, you can choose Shopify.


Yes, Shop…

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5 Features of Dynamics 365 Mappy Field Plugin to Elevate Your Sales Performance

With most sales going online, there are still industries that rely on a sales representative. For example, the health industry has Medical Reps, Banks and Insurance companies have Sales agents, Sales reps for Consumer Packaged Food.  

There are a lot of difficulties sales representatives face o…

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