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How Do Magento Delivery Date & Time Extensions Bring Transparency in Order Delivery Process?

Online shopping is not a trend anymore. These days, it is more of a norm. But there are some cons associated to it. Although, people are fond of shopping online, they often complain of delayed and flawed deliveries. And you are sure to have heard several incidents wherein the customers have had an…

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Things You Must Know About Successful Inventory Management in Magento

If you are a business owner and you are asked to describe an ecommerce company like Amazon in one word, you would probably say “Innovation” or “Tech Giant.” But answers like these prove that you might be looking at it at a very superficial level. There are a lot of factors responsible for the succes…

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Steps to Follow While Migrating Odoo to a Better Version

If you are a business owner, you must have experienced that handling a business expedition is not easy. The world is technology driven and so are you. And this is exactly why you constantly need to keep upgrading the technologies you use for your business. Odoo ERP is one such popular system that …

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3 Benefits of Customer Portal You Were Unaware of!

Long gone are the days when you would find hordes of customers queueing around a customer care center seeking help. Or neither do you keep on phone haggling with customer care executives. Well, this is because, we all have the privilege of helping ourselves through customer service portals. And th…

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Ways in Ecommerce Shipping Solutions Can Help Australian Ecommerce Owners

Let us say you are an ecommerce store owner based in Australia. You have built your website on Magento and you need to take care of a lot of aspects related to your store. It might include everything right from managing the inventory and logistics of your store to making sure if the frontend and t…

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How Can You Convert Your Online Store into a Mobile App?

We live in a mobile centered world. Which means, people rarely access their desktops and mobiles for surfing different websites. The same applies to online shopping. Business owners have spread their wings to social media and Google Playstore to expand their reach amongst their customers. A survey…

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Benefits of SuiteCRM Customer Portal for Healthcare Institutions

Hospitals and huge healthcare institutions that handle day to day operations have a lot of things to look after. It includes fixing patient appointments, liaising with doctors and staff members, organizing healthcare programs and more. However, with the fast-paced working of today’s environment, p…

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The Importance of Estimated Delivery Date Extensions for E-Store Owners

“When will my order arrive?” is the biggest and the most frequent thought that the online shoppers have. This is because there is a lot of anxiety and anticipation associated with product deliveries. It is majorly because, as people pay for the products online; they are quite skeptical as to wheth…

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Get 20% Off on AppJetty Plugins, Extensions & Themes for Easter!

Easter is a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. And since we look forward to a brighter future for ourselves and our clients, we often come up with ways to make them happy. The long weekend is just around the corner. And your buyers will be looking to shop various things for Good Friday and E…

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What Makes Survey Automation the Best Feature of Survey Tools?

We live in the world of millenials. To get feedbacks from the modern customers, the business owners have bid goodbye to the paper and pen surveys. They have embraced online survey tools which enable them to enhance their business model and offer better customer experience. Unfortunately, not all s…

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How Does Odoo 11 Theme Increase Sales Figure of Your Startup?

One of the biggest pain points for a startup is to have the right approach for the UI of the website. You may not either have data or the best knowledge of the design you should opt. Odoo offers an easy solution for this hurdle. Odoo eCommerce themes can make your store friendlier for customers.

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How Does Showing All Reviews in One Page Benefit Your E-commerce Shop?

With simple navigation, easy checkout, and user-friendly shopping experience, your online shop can excel. But, often online store owners tend to overlook another customer-related aspect - Reviews! You probably argue that you have a review section in the store with many pages. Now, this is somethin…

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