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3 Prominent Benefits of Inventory Management Tool for Magento 2



I am sure you all are already aware of how important it is to manage business inventory properly. Failing at it can make you suffer from huge losses. For instance, in the 2000s Nike lost $100 million in sales due to poor tracking of goods. There are many examples of giant companies that …

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How to Plot Data on Google Map in Dynamics 365 Map

As sales reps, if you’re spending more time on field, you probably know the importance of maps and how they help reach clients’ locations on time. However, like any other software, using Google Maps requires a trick. Because as easy as it sounds, it can be tricky to plot data for visualization.

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Configure Google Maps in MappyField 365

While working on-field, getting a real-time update about unusual traffic, roadblocks, and other factors are considered a blessing. Dynamics 365 Map helps your reps with optimized routes via Google Maps. They can look for nearby places and find anything they want on the map. Here’s how to configure i…

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