How Route Optimization Helps Streamline Costs for Your Sales Team


What if you could save time and money as well as win more sales in one go?

Yes, you read it right!

Tools like MappyField are the perfect example of saving money, saving time, and growing a business.

This tool fetches all the Dynamics 365 CRM data and displays it on a map which is perfect for visualizing a large amount of data.

Using this data, it optimizes routes for its users. The on-field sales team benefits the most from Route Optimization Dynamics 365 MappyField as they don’t have to deal with inefficient routes anymore.

Organizations have realized the importance of route importance and the benefits it brings with it. Research shows a rise of 11.4% in demand for route optimization software by 2023.

So let’s discuss in depth how route optimization could be a cost-cutter for a company and its overall effect on the company and employees using it.

How to Reduce the Number of Miles With Optimized Routes?

The company has sales reps traveling the whole day to have a meeting or deliver products to clients. Companies pay for the commute or fuel. This cost adds up to a huge number keeping in mind the always increasing fuel prices. Organizations try their best to reduce the cost, and the route optimization of MappyField might help you with it.

Scenario 1: When an organization doesn’t have a location mapping tool

Without the help of any mapping tool, sales managers manually design territories and assign them to their teams. The territories formed are not evenly distributed and sometimes miss out on covering some regions. There might be gaps between the two territories as the manual method is not much efficient.

The sales reps have to conquer territories assigned to them by meeting all the clients falling under those territories.

Some territories have scattered clients, which means sales reps have to travel more to meet one client. Moreover, there are chances that sales reps might not be much familiar with the territory assigned to them. Thus, they will take the help of Google Maps and find the direction to meet their next client.

With this approach, chances of coming back to meet another client in the same region increase. A list of clients won’t help to figure out who is nearby, so you can meet them first and then travel far to meet another client.

For instance, if, on average, a sales rep travels 50 miles a day to meet all the clients, and if you have 100 sales reps, the total number of miles traveled in a day would be 5000. Supposedly, if the vagueness in the route adds 10 miles, the total will reach 1000 miles. Hence, your company is paying for 1000 miles extra because sales reps don’t have optimized routes.

More miles means more fuel consumption. Thus, the cost adds up due to a lack of clarity in routes.

Scenario 2: When an organization uses a mapping tool

Mapping tools are loaded with features that can help the sales team at each step, right from planning to execution.

With these tools, sales managers can visualize all the CRM data on the map. So it would be easier for them to create territories. The territories created with a mapping plugin are evenly distributed and cover all the regions.

So, when territories are optimized, the size of the territory and the number of clients are considered. Extremely large territories are avoided to reduce the traveling distance.

Once territories are assigned to the sales reps, they will have a list of clients to visit in a day. The tool will optimize a route for them, including all the clients. The route will be the shortest, avoiding traffic, road closures, and tolls.

Sales reps don’t have to manually add addresses to Google Maps every time they meet a client. Dynamics 365 Route planning also shows the estimated reaching time so sales reps have an assurance that they will reach on time. Peace of mind helps in improving productivity and bringing in more sales. They won’t burn out because of excessive traveling.

Route optimization can help sales reps in reducing the number of miles. Hence, the fuel consumption will reduce, and so will the cost.

Other Advantages of Route Optimization Apart from Cost Reduction

Apart from cost reduction, route optimization has a lot to offer. After using it for your organization, you will see visible changes in the sales data, employee productivity, and customer satisfaction.

1. Save Time

Route optimization feature in MappyField recommends the shortest path to users. Moreover, the path suggested avoids traffic and road closures so that their precious time is not wasted. Hence, they will have more time to spend with clients and not on the roads. Hence, sales reps don’t have to overwork to meet their daily targets. They will save sales reps from burnout. They would be able to complete their targets in the given time frame.

2. Sell More

With properly designed routes, they would be able to spend a reasonable amount of time with clients. Firstly, they can complete their targets within the given time limits. No customers would be missed because of these factors. Hence this will instantly improve their sales number. Moreover, they would be able to explain the product in detail and convince the customers to buy it. Customers would be satisfied with the information and service they receive and agree to buy the product. Thus, all these small factors shoot up the sales number.

3. Better Fuel Efficiency

With route optimization, the recommended routes will have less traffic and shorter routes. Thus, the vehicles your sales reps use will give better mileage than before. With less fuel consumption, they would travel more. It is a small yet important advantage of using route optimization.

4. Better Customer Service

Before starting their day, sales reps have a route ready. It shows the estimated reaching time so that they never reach late for a meeting. You don’t want your customers to wait for them. It would create a negative image for your brand. However, with optimized routes, the sales reps can keep track of time.

Due to any reason if they would reach late, they can inform clients. The service you provide to customers plays a huge role in building the perception of your company. If you want to grow your company, customer satisfaction is your way to go.

5. Boost Team’s Morale and Productivity

MappyField takes away all the complexities and unclarity that sales reps were facing earlier. With a proper and evenly distributed schedule, the team would achieve its targets. They might even sell more than they expected. This would boost their morale and create a positive mindset for them.

They don’t have to worry about the routes and how long it will take to reach the client. With no worries, their desire to work increases. Hence, the productivity of your employees will also see a surge.

Route Optimization for Sales Teams

The advantages that route optimization alone offers, there is no reason not to invest in these tools. Other than reducing costs, it helps in increasing sales as well.

Your sales team would have enough time to prepare themselves in a better way before meeting the client rather than worrying about the routes and whether they would reach on time or not. Find the right tool for your company that benefits the organization and its employees.

Are you all set to see the difference in the outputs of your sales team? Request a demo today and learn more about route optimization and other features.

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