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Fashion App: The Future of Online Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is undergoing a big-time digital transformation that no one can afford to ignore. Well, here’s a stat to corroborate my statement.

Fashion eCommerce is forecast to reach a market size of $100.3 bn by the end of 2025.

So, it’s evident that the online fashion r…

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E-Commerce Delivery Trends to Zero in on, in 2021

The last year wasn’t just like any other year. It was full of panic, hustle, and uncertainty. The pandemic afflicted people across the globe. Now that vaccination drives have started in several countries, and people have got more cautious than ever, things are slowly back on track. Amid …

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How to Convert a Magento Online Store to Mobile App

So, you have started your Magento 2 store. That's great! You could reach a wide audience and create global awareness of your product. However, having an eCommerce website is not enough. In a mobile-oriented world, your goal should be to take your business to your customers' pocket. Yes, I mean by a …

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Flutter App Development: Basics and Benefits


According to Statista’s survey from last year, 42% of software developers surveyed chose ReactJS as their preferable cross-platform mobile framework for app development. The noteworthy point is that this share of respondents stayed the same for 2019 and 2020.

However, even more in…

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