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Dynamics CRM Map Integration: A Smart Way to Sell


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a big hit among every sized enterprise around the world. The reason behind its success is that this software allows firms to nurture their customer relations and build a strong-based alliance with prospects. Some of the renowned CRM features are…

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Become Your Own Boss With the Help of a Magento Store Manager App


Being your own boss is great. You set up a business. The most lucrative one, an e-commerce store on the Magento platform. Everything goes great for a while and you love not having anyone to answer for your actions, but is it great when you are drowning in all your responsibilities? Not so much. …

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Here’s How Australia Post is Reinventing Shipping with Cloud Computing

The biggest news around this time of the year (April) is Google’s Cloud Next event. It is an event where they announce new updates to their cloud services, brand partnerships, and they also demonstrate how to develop with these new updates in place.

Here’s How Australia Post is Reinventing …

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How To Nurture Your Sales Cycle with CRM Map Integration?


CRM software is an essential element of any type of industry these days. It helps a business to keep track of their customers, their activity and confidential business data.


There are m…

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