Boost Your Sales with AJ Delivery Date & Shipping App this Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday are just around the corner, and it’s time to deck the halls and prepare for the biggest shopping festival of the year!

As the scent of pumpkin pie fills the air and holiday lights twinkle, online retailers like you are gearing up for a shopping season like no other.

But hold on, do you have a secret weapon in your festive arsenal that’s ready to light up your store with joy and convenience?

Well, we do!

It is our AJ Delivery Date & Shipping app for Shopify, and it’s here to make your customers’ shopping experience a merry one while boosting your sales.

Your customers can choose when and how they want to receive their Black Friday and Thanksgiving goodies. Whether it’s a turkey, a stylish holiday sweater, or a pumpkin spice latte, our app lets them pick the delivery date and time that suits them best.

All of these are wrapped up in a simple, user-friendly package that adds a sprinkle of magic to your Shopify store just in time for the holidays.

The Magic of Delivery Options

Imagine you are planning a big holiday dinner. You have got different guests with different tastes, and you want to make sure everyone’s happy. That’s where our app comes in.

Our AJ Delivery Date & Shipping app offers three cool ways to get your orders: Store Pickup, Local Delivery, and Shipping.

Store Pickup: It is like when you order takeout and swing by to grab your food. Your customers can choose to pick up their holiday goodies from your store. Convenient, right?

Local Delivery: This is for those who want their gifts brought right to their doorstep, maybe to surprise a loved one. It’s like Santa’s little helpers making special deliveries to the ones living in the town, same as your warehouse.

Shipping: If your customers are far away. They can have their orders shipped. It is like sending a gift in the mail.

Now, why is this great? Because it lets your customers pick the option that works best for them. It’s like offering a buffet of delivery options, ensuring everyone at the holiday table gets what they want.

Gifts Delivered Just When They Want Them

When you shop online during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, wouldn’t it be nice to choose when your packages arrive?

That’s exactly what our Shopify Delivery Date app allows your customers to do. They can pick the day and time that suits them best for their deliveries. You can customize everything to make it feel just right for your store. No fancy tech stuff, just easy choices to make your customers happy.

With this feature, you can make your customers’ shopping experience even merrier. Let them have the freedom to decide when they receive their holiday treasures. It’s like giving them the remote control to their holiday shopping adventure!

Customize as You Like

Running a holiday sale is like preparing a delicious meal. You need everything to be just right. Our app helps you customize things easily.

Non-Working Days: It’s like having a holiday planner. You can decide which days you want to offer deliveries. Maybe you need a break on Thanksgiving? No problem. You can set those days as non-working. The app makes sure no orders come in on those days.

Order Limits: If you are worried about getting too busy, you can set a limit on how many orders you can handle in a time slot. It’s like having a guest list for your party – no overcrowding.

Weekday Choices: Let’s say you want to make deliveries on Saturdays only. You can do that. It’s like having a “Special Saturday Delivery” option for your customers.

This way, you’re in control of your holiday operations. It’s all about making things smooth and stress-free during the holidays.

Location-Specific Shipping Rates

Custom shipping rates are like charging different amounts for shipping depending on where your customers live. If someone lives close by, it might be cheaper. If they are far away, it might cost a bit more.

Moreover, let’s say you sell big and small items. You can set different shipping rates for each. It is like charging less for a small gift and a bit more for a big one.

This means you can be fair with your customers, just like a friendly store owner. No one gets surprised by shipping costs because you can set it all up in advance. It’s all about making your customers happy and your store run smoothly.


Ready to make this holiday season a hit for your online store? Our AJ Delivery Date & Shipping app can do the trick. It’s simple, convenient, and ready to make your customers smile. Start today and watch your sales and customer satisfaction grow!

Enroll for a free 10-day trial and check for yourself!

Click here to explore the app and supercharge your store for the festive season.

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