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Less Talked Features of MappyField & Why you Need Them

We are here to brief you about some interesting features of MappyField. We often talk about the major features of location mapping tools like route optimization, proximity search, data plotting, etc. But there is more to it. It is comprised of so many features that improve your team’s productivi…

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How to Enable Local Pickup in your Shopify Store


Shopify has opened doors for you to increase your sales if you also have an offline store!

With a store pickup delivery option, you can allow a customer to pickup the order from your store.

If the customer lives in the same city or region as your store, they might prefer store pickup in Sh…

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Theme Scita is Now Odoo v16 Compatible

Theme Scita is your one-stop solution for sophisticated themes on the Odoo Theme store. It is designed keeping in mind more than 35 industries like ecommerce, fashion, IT service, finance, healthcare, and more. So with the release of Odoo 16, we upgraded our Theme Scita and made it v16 compatibl…

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How to Create a Follow-Up Appointment in Resource Calendar in Dynamics 365

In this blog, you will learn how to create a follow-up appointment in the Dynamics 365 Calendar.

Suppose you want to create a follow-up appointment (especially when you want to see which follow-up appointment was created towards which account at some point later). In that case, you need to se…

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7 Must-Have Apps for Your Shopify Store


Over a decade of experience in developing plugins, apps, and extensions, we always tend to find solutions for our customers, especially eCommerce business.

Ever-changing market trends keep store owners thinking about how they are going to integrate new changes in their store.

The develop…

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An Ultimate Language Translator for Magento Stores

Have you been the victim of Google Translate’s funny translation?

There are some words in every language which are not just words but a feeling that Google Translate fails to understand.

To keep the essence of the feelings intact, Language Translator is a must.

Today we have one such …

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Start Scheduling Meetings With MS Bookings


Appointments are a medium for businesses to work smoothly. An online appointment tool can actually help you uplift your business by providing a smooth customer experience.

Microsoft Bookings can help you with that!

It is one of the most talked about appointment scheduling tools. So let’s f…

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How to Filter Activity Based on Custom Field in Entity Calendar of Calendar 365



In this blog you will learn how to filter activity based on a custom field in the entity calendar. The activity type filter allows you to filter activities based on the type such as email, phone call, task and so on. 

You can also use the Due filter to see the activities that are due t…

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How to Create and Save Visit Planner in MappyField

Before visiting multiple clients, you need to plan a visiting route. Mappy Field provides functionality to plan your visiting route according to Start Location, Time, Start Date, End Date, Visiting Duration, and more.

The visit planning feature is helpful when you are not able to decide what …

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How to Geocode Contacts and Accounts in MappyField


When you have new client details, there are chances that you don’t have geocode data of those clients. In that case, MappyField provides a functionality called Assign Bulk Geocode process. Based on customer address, city, state, zip code, and country, Dynamics 365 map will provide geocode data…

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How Delivery Date Manager Simplifies Order Management for Business


Delivery date plays an important role in an ecommerce business. Due to this reason, businesses have started integrating Delivery Date plugins to allow customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time.

These features bring a huge difference in the quality of customer service you offe…

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Calendar 365 Vs. Microsoft Bookings: Which one is Best for Dynamics 365 Users?

Choosing the right appointment scheduling software is not an easy task! There are multiple things to consider, like compatibility, integrations, features, and more.

Microsoft Bookings is one of the popular appointment scheduling platforms, and a lot of users look forward to using it.

But i…

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How to Approve/Reject Pending Check-in/Check-out in MappyField 365


Earlier, field agents could check in and check out for the appointment using Dynamics 365 map plugin. But now we are adding one additional feature named pending check-in and check-out. With this feature, you will get the list of pending check-ins/check-outs and your user has to add a reason for…

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How to Define Geographies for Existing Territories from CRM


Dynamics 365 map gives you an easy way to define geographies from your CRM. The Geography feature lets you pick and choose an area that you can define as a territory from the Advanced Setting.

Geographies for Existing Territories from CRM-1

Step 1: After navigating to the Advance Settings, you will see the Sales Territory o…

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How to Add Asset and Route in the Map

How do you manage routes for different assets (trucks)? Some might carry hazardous material or be extra large to fit on smaller roads!


We have provided Asset Management in Dynamics 365 MappyField so users can easily plot their route by trucks (assets).


You can see the asset…

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Boost Your Mobile App Sales This Holiday Season


Christmas means the shopping season. There are a lot of discounts, sales, and promotions going on to encourage customers to buy more. Companies use all possible mediums to reach out to their customers.

We all know how much time people spend on their phones. This would be a great opportunity t…

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Scheduled Delivery: A Perfect Way to Boost Sales This Christmas

The festive season is around the corner. You would try the best possible theories to improve your sales as a business owner. You will offer discounts, have Black Friday sales, and whatnot.

But did you know you can improve your sales by improving the functionality of your store?

Customer experi…

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Calendar 365: Best Alternative to Calendly for Dynamics 365 Users


Calendly is one of the most loved appointment scheduling platforms with over 10 million users.

But is it the best choice for all kinds of users?

Probably not!

If you are an individual or a small business, you have to compulsory purchase a paid plan if you want to have access to their …

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Microsoft Bookings Vs. Calendly: Which One is Best for Dynamics 365 Users?

One of the most challenging parts of a business is managing time with prospects and existing customers.

Scheduling appointments with new and existing clients and managing time with all is a tough task.

To manage appointments, businesses often use a scheduling app. There are so many in the …

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How to Quickly Create Activity in Mappyfield Dynamics 365



To make the process of creating tasks and appointments easy, you can directly create activities from Dynamics 365 map. Using Quick Create Activity, all you have to insert the form details. You can create an activity that is configured in the Entity to map from the Settings. Here is how yo…

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