Odoo Multi Themes Support: A Powerful Feature

Odoo has lately emerged as a very popular e-commerce platform. If you are an Odoo e-store owner, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal and user-friendliness of your store with a suitable theme.

However, if you have multiple sites for different purposes, one theme for all sites won’t be a suitable choice.

While other platforms require you to have different hosting servers for different sites, such is not the case with Odoo. You can host multiple websites without the hassle of maintaining too many alien e-commerce platforms at once. Not only that, but Odoo also comes with a unique feature, Odoo Multi Themes, to support multiple themes for your different websites too.

In this blog, we are going to cover all aspects of Odoo Multi Themes support and the themes you can go for which support this feature.

Odoo Multi Themes support feature gives you the power to manage different themes for your different sites. And with a single hosting server. Moreover, you can create multiple sites sharing the same domain name.

But how do you create different websites? Manage different domain names? Make a switch between them? Or apply a new theme?

Let’s find out.

Setting the Theme for a New Odoo Site

If you already own an Odoo website and want to create another site, here are the steps:

- Click Website > Configuration > Settings.

- Set the name for your new website and its domain. If you want to publish the site under the default domain name of your Odoo database, you can leave the domain field empty.

And voila! You’ll have a new website.

You can also maintain each site’s individual identity by setting different Odoo Website themes for different sites. And make each site more purpose-relevant. Let’s see how you can do that.

Select the theme you want to have for the new site. The theme you select must match the purpose and should target the audience of the site. So, you can freely choose a theme different from that of the first site.

This way, the setting of theme for your new site is easy and feasible with Odoo multi themes.

Switching from One Website to Another

When you have multiple sites to host on the same server, you must have a means to switch between sites seamlessly.

A website switcher is available in the edit bar in the right corner. When you switch to that site, it will connect to the domain of the current site. However, if you have used a different domain, you’ll need to sign in to switch to that website.

Managing Multiple Domain Names

You can decide whether your sites share the same domain name or use a particular one. Further, you can reset the content of every site as per region by setting country groups in its settings. Geo IP will then redirect visitors from a specific country to the right website.

Choosing an Odoo Theme

When choosing an Odoo theme for your website, make sure it supports the Odoo multi theme feature. If the theme you selected doesn’t support this feature, you’ll have to use one theme for all your websites.

So, if you are selecting a theme for your business, this feature is a must.

AppJetty’s Odoo Themes

All our themes, including top-selling and rated Theme Scita, Crafito, Mobicraft, etc. come with the support feature of Odoo multi themes. With these themes, you can select a different theme as per your website and its purpose. The more relevant the theme of your site is, the better will it serves the purpose. This directly increases your website’s customer engagement leading to a higher conversion rate ad ultimately, better sales.

To Wrap Up

Thus, Odoo is a great platform with its multi-theme support as the cherry on top. However, all the free Odoo themes don’t have this feature, so if you are planning to have multiple businesses, then going for a paid Odoo theme would be an ideal choice.

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