Apache Solr Search: Why Integrate It with Your Magento Store?

If you are an ecommerce store owner, getting the customers to your store is a challenge in itself. And when you do get them to come to your store, you have to make sure that they surf around and find what they are looking to buy as easily as possible. Advertising and sponsored clicks are not enough if your consumers cannot find the products of their choice. As customers have specific requirements and less time, they need an intelligent and robust magento search tool. The tool should be such that it can provide better user experience, enhanced conversion and refined search that offers results according to the search habits of the customer.

Apache Solr Search: Why Integrate It with Your Magento Store?

General and inbuilt tools available on ecommerce websites are not fast enough and lack the accuracy needed when one is looking for specific products. This is when Apache Solr Search can come to the rescue. Built by developers at Apache, it provides your customers with the power of the Lucene Search Library. Solr is an open source enterprise search software which enables the developers to integrate it with any kind of website or application. This can be done without Java coding. If one requires advanced customizations, it also has extensive plugin architecture for the same.

So what are the benefits of advanced search and why should you consider integrating Solr to your Magento Store? Here’s a brief about the search functionalities it offers.


One of the major reasons to use Solr is that it is an open source. Moreover, as there are no license fees involved, it is easily possible to make changes in the software and the informed programmers can research on how the data is processed. If needed, extra functions can also be added and the software can be customized according to the requirements. As the searching facility on the online store is dependent on partial combining features, relational databases might not perform rightly. If the products on your store are not presented in hierarchy, adding SOLR can help to make the search option better.


Here are some of the functionalities provided by Solr:

  • Swift searching option

  • Spell check guide with “Did you mean?” functionality

  • Auto complete search option

  • Full text searching compatible to your store

  • Trouble-free data pulling facility from multiple databases

  • Refined search facility with priority given to relevant fields

  • Flexibility with the integration of new features


You can take the help of professionals if you want to integrate Solr Search with Magento. Here’s how professionals can help you.

Understanding your business requirements

The necessities of every business are different. Companies that provide integration spend time in understanding the unique requirements of your website before integrating Solr search to your Magento store.

Compatibility Check

The professionals offering integration must provide search option which is compatible to your store and adjusts to your system easily. Make sure you get the kind of quality assurance you need.


Various diagnostic checks are done in order to make sure that the integration has been established successfully and products can be easily searched.

Support and knowledge sharing

After the search option has been launched, the company should provide you with consultations and services whenever there is a problem and it needs immediate attention.


You must have a basic idea about how the integration takes place. It is not easy to find good integration services. It asks for an expert who has a perfect knowhow of merging the data aspects of your store into Solr for your search option to work smoothly. Thats is why we have developed Solr Search - Magento Integration product for smooth integration. Combined with our world class support and customization solutions, integrating Solr Search with your Magento store would be a cakewalk!

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