How To Use Online Skin Designer for Personalizing Products

Many online retailers today have started providing option for customizing product ordered from their store. Skin personalization is a good way to make your customers stay loyal to your brand. Retailers of clothes, bags, cards, shoes and every other product are offering customization in order to provide an enhanced shopping experience to their customers. Through bespoke products, companies can tap into the market of specific buyers. Apart from that, they can also know about the generation of shoppers that has fast moving preferences in buying different products.

As a retailer, you might have wondered about can the products in your store be personalized by your customers. With our best selling online skin design tool, Advance Product Designer, you can allow your customers to design their own products in five easy steps. Let’s see how.

Step 1 - Install Advance Product Designer

Installing Advance Product Designer is effortless. All you need to do is to follow the step by step instructions as given in the guide and you will be done in no time. Thereafter you can make configurations for your customers. You can add cliparts and templates that your customers can use during the design process.

Step 2 - Product Addition

Enable your customers to choose from a variety of products rendered by your store. Once the products are shortlisted, they can add their own text, images and clipart or select from the options provided by you. Make sure you provide variety of themes, images, templates and colours so that the customers can feel free to design the product the way they want.

Step 3 - Product Customization

The third and the most important step is to let your customers customize the product they have selected in the best possible way. Our product design tool offers an array of masking and effect options so that your customers can craft something that they would love to buy. It also offers options like various designs and patterns, templates having different colours, printing options and social media sharing. This way you will bring out the artist in them.

Step 4 - Product Preview

Online stores are different from the traditional ones as the customers cannot hold and have the feel of products with their hands. After the product has been customized, checking the overall the look and feel of the product is very important. There should be an option for them to preview the same design on different products so that they can be sure about what they are buying. For products with cylindrical shape, a 360 degree view can be provided so that the design can be viewed from different angles.

Step 5 - Order & Checkout

Placing the final order should be the easiest part. If you want to increase your sale of customized products, make sure the rate of cart abandonments go down. The process of ordering becomes easy if there is a responsive mobile and desktop design. Also have a safe and secure payment gateway so that the customers know that they are buying from a trustworthy store.

Advanced Product Designer has a responsive web design and is extremely easy to install. Integrate it with your Magento store and you will start noticing the difference in your sales figures. Your search for the best designer tool in the market is just a click away!

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