How to Get the Best of Australia Post Shipping

Australia Post shipping

Ordering things online and having it reach wherever you are is a boon. You don’t have to drive somewhere after a long day just to find out the product you want is out of stock. You also have the convenience of sending things back if you change your mind about the product or no longer need it. Online stores have significantly elevated our way of living and the concept of a market.

It has made the customer’s life very simple. Just a few clicks and they get everything they need. But what about the e-commerce store owner?

While it may look like a simple matter of shipping the right product from inventory, it is not quite that easy. It includes finding the right vendors and shipping partners because those can decide the costing and quality of your products.

A customer experience cycle does not end with them shopping from your website. The perfect delivery experience is just as important. Customers should be able to track their orders and get timely updates about when it is arriving. If the delivery experience is satisfactory, it adds to the overall experience of shopping from your website and helps you retain that customer for more than a singular order.

Shipping services differ from country to country. Some e-commerce companies use private shipping companies, while some use public sector ones, whereas some also have dedicated shipping arms within their company. This is a way to get complete control over delivering customer experience. However, not all companies can afford to do this, so they have to depend on the most reliable shipping company in the region they are operating in.

We are limiting this article to shipping within or to Australia. If your store ships in or to Australia, then this is for you. One of the top most shipping companies, Australia Post, is the country’s biggest shipping and postal company. There’s a cherry on top of the cake if your store is on the Magento platform: Magento Australia Post extension!

Why should you trust Australia Post though?

Simply put, because of their numbers! Australia Post reported that they delivered a record 3 million parcels in day! It was a first for the company. Apart from this, they delivered 40 million parcels in December 2018. Lastly, they have 11.9 million delivery points in Australia itself! These are impressive numbers!

Magento Australia Post extension caters to both you and your customers. Take a look at some of the best features it offers.

  • Parcel Tracking:

Australia Post shipping extension does the work of a tracking app. Your store backend admin will not have to go back and forth between the backend and your Australia Post account to update the shipment details of each customer. The extension automatically syncs the data without any effort and your customers get the updates.

  • Live rates:

Shipping rates are prone to fluctuations depending on weather, speed of delivery, area, etc. This is why Australia Post shipping extension has a live shipping rates feature built-in. Being transparent with your customers about how much they are paying for shipping is an important practice in brand trust building.

  • Signed delivery:

This feature is good for when the product is of sensitive nature or of very high value. Your customers have to sign for the delivery and only then get their product so that it ensures an extra level of security.

  • Validating Address:

It is very easy to make a mistake while adding your shipping address. Therefore, to prevent misunderstanding, the Magento Australia Post shipping extension takes care of such mistakes. It matches the location based on the PIN that the customer provides.

As an e-store owner in Australia, this shipping service is the best choice for you. So if you already use it, take your convenience a step further and get a Magento Australia Post extension. But it gets better! Australia Post recognizes its popularity and therefore provides an API to seamlessly integrate it in your store!

All Magento developers will be able to add this extension to your store, but you should opt for official Australia Post partners to get the best service.

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