How to Add Asset and Route in the Map

How do you manage routes for different assets (trucks)? Some might carry hazardous material or be extra large to fit on smaller roads!


We have provided Asset Management in Dynamics 365 MappyField so users can easily plot their route by trucks (assets).


You can see the assets list from the Asset tab, which is shown in the image below using Dynamics 365 map plugin.


Step 1: You can add a new asset by clicking on the New button.

Asset Management-1

Step 2: You need to enter the truck details that are required, and you can select Hazardous Material, if need be, like in the image below.

Asset Management-2
Asset Management-3

Step 3: After filling in the required details, Save it. Once the detail is saved, you can see all the assets listed in the Active Assets. You can also Edit & Delete it as per your requirement.

Asset Management-4

Step 4: You can use these Assets (Trucks) when you define a route to transport the products. Enter your waypoint and then click on the Truck icon.

Asset Management-5

Step 5: Now insert the Asset details like truck type, length, height & width, etc., and press the Go button to set the route.

Asset Management-6

Step 6: After clicking on the Go button, the Routes tab will open on the Right side of the screen.

Asset Management-7
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