Christmas Offers: Ready Your Store for Christmas!

As the Christmas season is about to set in, festivity and shopping frenzy are in the air. The total US retail spending is forecast to touch a 1 trillion mark this Christmas season! And it will happen for the first time ever.

Every American will be out buying gifts, cookies, Christmas trees, gift cards and what not! And the scenario will be the same in many other countries as well. People will also eagerly look for Christmas offers and sales everywhere. And if they run out of time for preparation or find no exciting deals offline, they’ll switch to online stores.

If you own an e-store, a great opportunity for super-high sales is awaiting you. You can make the best out of this festive season by offering exciting deals on your e-store. And if your deals and offers succeed in impressing customers, it’s a bonanza for you!

But think again. Is throwing attractive deals and offers enough? Is your e-store ready to handle such a sudden spurt in sales and orders? Without your e-store being ready, your work is only half-done.

So, it’s imperative to ensure that your e-store is ready for the Christmas season. This means you must have all the tools to streamline your sales processes. Or else, your Christmas offers and sales won’t yield as good results as they could.

Equip Your E-Store with Outstanding Functionalities

Whether it is titivating your user-interface or delivering orders on time, you can do that with AppJetty. We have the tools that you can integrate with your e-store to enhance its functionalities.

Even better is that these products are compatible with all the big players in the industry of e-commerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce, Odoo, etc.

For instance, the Magento 2 Delivery Time for Magento 2 store can let your customers schedule a delivery time for their orders at their convenience. You can also manage orders seamlessly with timely reminders of pending orders. Hence, you can streamline your delivery process and keep customers happy.

Similarly, all our other plugins also come in handy for your e-store in one way or the other to help you smoothen different processes.

Besides, AppJetty also deals in some plugins useful for your CRM. And these plugins too are available for all leading CRM systems like Salesforce, Dynamics CRM,  SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, etc. These plugins along with the plugins for your e-store can work wonders for your business this Christmas.

Icing on the Cake: 10% Off

When there are sales and offers everywhere, how could we stay behind? So, AppJetty here gladly announces a Flat 10% off on all AppJetty non-recursive products. Go ahead and streamline your business processes, skyrocket your sales and customer satisfaction rate this season.

Browse our site to know more about our products. Use the coupon code XMAS10 to avail flat 10% off on all our non-recursive products. And spread bliss around with offers and discounts this Christmas season!

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wish you a Merry Christmas and good luck with your sales!

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